Credits: Poetry by Nada Osman | Instrumentals and production by Cynd_cut | Vocal performance by Kaula Mua | Video editing by Shan Berih


Music Producer

CYNDYCUT is a Melbourne based producer duo featuring Kuda and Arad Kian.

Brendan Kapambwe, also known as Kuda, is a 19 year old producer from Melbourne, Australia. Kuda is of Zambian and Zimbabwean descent and has a gift for seamlessly held in smooth melodies with Afro/Club production, exhibiting a unique Vibe.

Arad Kian is a 19 year old Iranian born, Australian musician who started music at the age of 6. Coming to Australia, he then became a pianist, a guitarist and started to teach music theory. At the age of 14 he led an ensemble of 23 musicians as a composer for a concert in the Iranian community. With his father, he runs an entertainment company by the name of Senik, which is now a very well-known music label in Iran and is developing into an app in the App Store like Spotify and iTunes. With all his skills and experience he started now producing for artists from other cultures as well.

CYNDYCUT have produced tracks for this project to underscore the voices of young people from the towers. To capture both the struggles they faced during the 2020 hard lockdown and the strength and positivity that carried them through.

Image credit: Kuda (top) and Arad Kian (bottom). Courtesy CYNDYCUT