DJ GloW will be performing at NIASHA: What is your legacy, 16 September, 2023. Photography credit: Suleiman Thomas.



Allow us to introduce Glorious, a name that resonates with affection, often shortened to Glo or embraced as GloW by her adoring fans.

Hailing from the vibrant nation of Kenya, GloW has etched her name in the annals of talent through her extraordinary dancing abilities. In the past year, she's had the distinct honor of gracing the stage alongside renowned African artists, a resounding testament to her exceptional talent and the unwavering dedication she honed at Afro Movement Academy.

While dance remains her foundational passion, GloW's creative spirit knows no bounds. She's an ardent advocate for the world of fashion and creativity. However, when the onset of the pandemic temporarily placed a pause on her dance and fashion endeavors, GloW took a courageous leap into uncharted territory, venturing into the realm of DJing.

It was in this transformative moment that DJ GloW was born. Since her pivot to DJing, GloW has embarked on an exciting journey, one that's seen her perform across the nation.

Through her music, she shares not only beats but a piece of her heart with her community and beyond. DJ GloW's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and unbridled passion, illuminating the boundless possibilities that come with chasing one's dreams.