Still from BLVCK GOLD

Ez Eldin Deng

Film and Music Video Director

Ez Eldin Deng is a South Sudanese Australian film and music video Director. He has directed numerous music videos, short films, and online educational content which have reached international audiences in festivals or on YouTube. His writing and directing work includes the critically acclaimed ‘Road Dogs’ and award-winning short film, ‘Blvck Gold’.

Deng first arrived in Melbourne, Australia in 2004 with his family and to this day, Melbourne is still his home as he continues to break new grounds in Australia's film and television industry. As a proud member of the African-Australian community, has been a key creative in shaping Melbourne’s arts scene through community projects, workshops, consultation, strategic planning and deliverings. Deng co-founded Next in Colour, a ground-breaking creative initiative run by a team of African creative practitioners.

As an Ahead of the Curve mentor, he hopes to share his insights in channeling authenticity, creating and sticking to your vision and empowering the community.

Image credit: Ez Eldin Deng. Courtesy Ez Eldin Deng