Still from BLVCK GOLD

Ez Eldin Deng


Ez Eldin Deng is an independent filmmaker from South Sudan. He came from a place where stories are untold on a big screen. His family migrated to Australia for a brighter future and Ez found filmmaking as a language to speak to his community.

As a South Sudanese Australian Film Maker, Ez wants to create films that have something positive to say. One of his last directed video clips titled Breaking News was accepted into Sunshine Girls Film Festival 2016, and the 3-part short film (Be A Brother) was highly commended at the VicHealth Award 2016. Ez has worked as a cultural consultant/liaison and  director’s attachment on the AACTA award winning mini-TV drama series Sunshine broadcasted on SBS in 2017. Ez has also worked on season 2 of the tv series Jack Irish broadcasted on the ABC doing behind the scenes for online marketing contents and in 2018 Ez was the director attachment and casting consultant on the feature film Hearts and Bones, starring Hugo Weaving.

Image credit: Ez Eldin Deng. Courtesy Ez Eldin Deng