Visual Identity by Mimi Leung

Francine Furaha and Muisha Sarah

Co-Founders, Umoja Empowerment Group

Umoja was founded by two friends Francine Furaha and Muisha Sarah.

“We are very colourful people, since migrating here to Australia we quickly noticed the lack of cultural clothing especially African. We order our fabric from Africa because it’s full of vibrant colours and our traditional designs. We then make bags and clothing out of it.”

“Since joining this program it has allowed us to source more resources and gave us the tools needed to pursue our business ideas. It was during the program that we made the decision to merge our businesses and work together. Now we sell matching outfits and bags.”

Francine and Sarah have sold their products in festivals, markets and events. They have also started reaching out to the women in their community helping them start their own businesses and empowering them where possible.

Image courtesy the creative.