Image credit: I never saw you again. Photo by Gelareh Pour.

Gelareh Pour

Singer, Composer, and Persian Kamancheh and Qeychak Player

Gelareh Pour is an Iranian born singer, composer, and Persian Kamancheh and Qeychak player who immigrated to Australia in 2012. After years of practising and studying classical Persian music in Iran, she completed her Masters of Ethnomusicology at University of Melbourne detailing the lives of Iranian Women singers in diaspora. Musically, Gelareh has pursued her musical practice in company with some of Australia’s most innovative musicians. She has produced 5 independent albums and featured on productions in various genres in music, theatre, film and radio.

Gelareh’s musical approach is flexible, cross genre and connective. The use of Iranian poetry sung in Farsi and her traditional instrument connected to electric pedals and powered amplifiers draws on her traditional heritage while representing her current contemporary environment. Collaborating with musicians with diverse backgrounds allows Gelareh to explore concepts of place and time and create an individual and unique cross-cultural motif.