Visual Identity by Clitories (Rukaya Springle).

Gracieuse Amah (Kwabo Grace)

Curator, Producer, Dancer, Choreographer

With French, Beninese and Togolese (West Africa) heritage, Gracieuse Amah (Grace) is a Creative Director, Dancer/Choreographer and Teacher with 15 years’ experience.

Passionate dancer of African dances since the early age of 8, she is a dynamic and joyful positive thinker expert in the art of entertainment. Her infectious energy will take you on an amazing cultural experience like no other. Specialised in the production of live and public art dance performances and festivals, she has performed internationally.

Migrated to Australia in 2016, she delivers weekly African dance classes throughout Victoria promoting happiness, cultural awareness and well-being. Her recent projects include dance performances and the production of local festivals in collaboration with Yarra City Arts, Outer Urban Projects, Fringe Festival, Moomba Festival and the Queen Victoria Market.

Her drive for racial and social justice has led her to develop and lead cultural and civic programs in France. Drawing from her own experience as a migrant she created Kwabo (Welcome) Events, a social enterprise promoting a sense of community and belonging through African dance, culture and practice.

African dance isn't only an art for her but her philosophy and way of living.

Photo by Cameron Cope.