Photo by Deshani Berhardt (Wild Hardt).

Halima Ahmed

Flemington Sister

“My name is Halima Ahmed. Home is Eritrea and since 1999 I’ve been living in Australia.

I like everything about Australia especially the education and it’s a beautiful country. I have my family here so it’s good for me. I’m a very busy woman, I have five grown up children and two grandchildren. I’m working now with Mum’s Kitchen cooking and also as a cleaner at the child care centre. I have lots of nice and friends and also look after my mother.

For the Shelter 2 project, I’ve been able to share with other African women. It’s been especially a good opportunity for mum’s who work hard at home to tell our stories. Often we don’t get the chance to tell our stories, and no one asks us and often no one listens, but every mother has a story.

The hard lockdown, it was very hard for us and maybe they did it too quickly and we didn’t have time to prepare. But it was important for our health and to protect us because we live very close to each other here in the flats, using the same lifts, using the same laundry as other families. We also have a lot of old people and vulnerable people in our community here so it was important that we protect each other.”

Halima can cook traditional foods for up to 150 people. To book or make an enquiry please call 0402 136 171 or email

Photo by Deshani Berhardt (Wild Hardt).