Visual Identity by Clitories (Rukaya Springle).

Hyra Usman

Fashion Designer

Hyra Usman is a mother, homemaker and fashion designer who launched her own brand in 2019. A Muslim woman from Pakistan, Hyra moved to Australia 11 years ago and has volunteered with many multicultural organisations and events. As a public speaker, Hyra speaks out against racism and the stereotyping of ethnic and religious groups and advocates for the rights of minorities. She has worked with MAV and Emerge in Bendigo, and since moving to Melbourne recently, she is excited to stay connected with MAV and to contribute however she can.

Words that describe me:
Artistic | Feminist | Free soul

Words that describe my practice:
My work is a part of my soul | Very passionate about what I do and whatever I do | Purposeful and fulfilling

Photo courtesy Hyra Usman.