Ammumma's House by Kishani Selvadurai

Isha Menon


Isha Menon is a curious and adventurous theatremaker who makes theatre that is absurd, heartfelt, dramatic and irreverent. In 2019, they wrote, directed and performed in a two hander girl walks home from a train as part of the inaugural student-lead arts festival Discord held at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). In 2020, Isha received a grant from Union House Theatre to launch Voices in Isolation, an interactive website that invited Melbournians to submit stories about their isolation experiences.

Isha made their theatrical debut in Melbourne earlier this year in ‘Very Nice Pot Plants’ (dir. Karla Livingston and Zachary Sheridan) at Theatreworks Glasshouse venue. Some of their credits from her time at VCA include being part of Otello: What’s Changed (dir. Draf Draffin) where they wrote and performed Butterfly!, and Sleep Faster Show Cat (dir. Emma Hall), a semi-improvised endurance theatre piece set entirely in the surreal online world of Zoom.

Isha Menon. Photo by Lachlan Woods.