Inti Raymi / We Tripantu. Artwork by Sesak Dada



ISU TAKI is a collective of Naarm-based Latin- American DJs/promoters that began as a response to the lack of representation of emerging movements of underground dancefloors across Abya Yala (aka Latin America).

These movements have in common the vision of re-vindication of the diversity of folkloric and traditional music by incorporating modern electronic beats to traditional melodies.

ISU TAKI has been generating a space for new music genres such as folktronica, Andes grooves, Andes step, Afrofuturism, tropical bass, digital cumbia, Afrobeats, and more. As a result, a vibrant community has grown around it, including the installation of the traditional Andean dances troop, Wayra Muru.

ISU TAKI has organised events since 2019 across Naarm, and expanded to actively collaborate with other collectives in NSW and QLD. With residencies in some of the busiest venues in the city, renowned bands and artists have performed at their events.

Now with the support of MAV and Creative Victoria, ISU TAKI is ready to take their events to the next level

Artwork by Jose Pincheira