Visual Identity by Clitories (Rukaya Springle).

Jessica D’Cruze

Storyteller, Advocate and Photographer.

Jessica D’Cruze is a storyteller, advocate and photographer. A Bengali Catholic – an identity that is the direct legacy of European colonisation – Jessica moved to the working-class suburb of Frankston when she was 15. This process of displacement from the so-called developing world to the ‘lucky country’, both with their colonial hangovers, informs her work, which uses food as a medium for exploring trans-migrational experiences. By drawing from recipes, family memories, and the meaning of food, Jessica captures her continually evolving third identity at the crossover of two distinct cultures.

Words that describe me: Intuitive | Empathetic | Advocate

Words that describe my practice: Photography | Storytelling | Writing

Photo by Chait D’cruz.