Image credit: Gracieuse Amah, TAKEBACK! 2021, photos by Deshani Berhardt

Katherine Gailer

Colombian Artist

Katherine Gailer (aka Katira) is a Colombian artist currently based in Melbourne. Gailer graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts Management degree from RMIT University, both awarded with honours. Her work explores cultural identity, the natural environment, women's empowerment, magical realism, and contemporary design through large-scale mural painting, oil painting, illustration and music.

As part of her creative expression, she examines the intricate relationships between vulnerability, strength, and empowerment. Her dream-like compositions celebrate resilience and liberation, and urge us to restore the invisible fabric that weaves human beings and nature together. Rediscovering a sense of the sacred and revisiting our ancient past are the driving forces in developing her artworks. Her work challenges constructed social structures and reclaims the much needed space for diverse cultural expression and women at the forefront of social change.

Gailer’s work has been awarded the People’s Choice Award at Corangamarah Art Prize 2018, Packer’s Art Prize 2018 (Red Rock Regional Gallery, Victoria) and ROI Art Prize 2017. (Melbourne).

Gailer is also the lead singer of Melbourne-based folktronica band Amaru Tribe, combining urban sounds with her voice to represent women on stage. Her composition El Girasol – in collaboration with Oscar Jimenez and Leonardo Rodriguez was selected as a finalist at the 2018 International Songwriting Competition.

Photo courtesy the creative.