“Amanyi” (translates directly to “power” from Luganda) by Ree, from Submerged 2021.

Lauren Mavromati Bourke

Knitwear and Fashion designer

Lauren Mavromati Bourke is a knitwear and fashion designer whose work portrays lived bodily experiences through the lens of their own personal and cultural experiences. Lauren reflects themes of trans-generational trauma, gendered trauma, and the ongoing effects of colonialism, as well as aiming to speak to wider embodied experiences. They also take an intersectional approach, focusing on queer, woman and gender-diverse gazes.

By focusing on knit, one of the textile practices that are passed down generationally among women as a way of communicating, these pieces reflect how transgenerational trauma is expressed through transgenerational cultural practice. These pieces also speak to the growing intention of exploring the therapeutic benefits of textile-based handicrafts. Lauren’s practice ultimately aims to actively create space away from confining heteropatriarchal and binary discourses, to instead offer marginalised bodies pieces they can wear and interact with, bringing garments into their own context, stretching each piece to meet their evolving needs and bodies.

Lauren Mavromati Bourke, courtesy the creative.