Image credit: Madi Colville Walker. Photo by Vicki Walker.

Madi Colville Walker


Madi Colville Walker is a proud Yorta Yorta Woman, an inspiring musician who has had many opportunities after her very first performance at the CMAA Junior Academy.

Madi has since performed at events throughout Victoria & NSW including Echuca/Moama Winter Blues Festival,3 Rivers Festival, Land of Plenty Festival, National Firesticks conference, National Climate Change conference, Tamworth Country Music Festival and opened for many well known Artists such as Archie Roach, Isiah Firebrace, Benny Walker, Fanny Lumsden, Kutcha Edwards and Darlinghurst.

Madi is a member of Multicultural Arts Victoria and APRA/AMCOS, has been a part of the Inaugural First Nations Song Hubs with APRA/AMCOS at Abbey Road Institute, a part of the Heard Instinct Collective, and continues to be a proud member of CMAA (Country Music Association Of Australia).

Madi has many inspirations in music and looks up to many people such as: Archie Walker (Grandfather, Yorta Yorta elder), Benny Walker (Award winning artist),Cassie Leopold,(Darlinghurst Band) and Rob Walker (Guitarist) who taught Madi to play guitar; these people who inspire Madi have encouraged her to do her best in music, as well as having strong support from her family.

2020 plans to be a big year for Madi Colville Walker, already an established singer/songwriter in her own right. She has commenced collaborating this year with some great artists and is especially excited to work with Jason Resch and share some of her fresh, exciting new material.

Image credit: Madi Colville Walker. Photo by Vicki Walker.