Bellaqueo Presents: The Experience of Sound. Artwork by Saga Uno.

Mai Monroy


Mai is a 30 year old Colombian event producer based in Naarm (Melbourne) Australia. She has a professional degree in business administration and more than 8 years experience managing teams in different industries in Colombia and Australia. 

Her passion for music and Latin American culture together with her knowledge and experience in management inspired her to create BELLAQUEO COLLECTIVE with Juan and Lina.

Bellaqueo’s mission is to transmit the Latin culture in Australia and show the genre they grew up on.

Bellaqueo was born out of the desire for a safe space to dance and share the underground and alternative perreo that didn’t exist at that time

Thanks to the opportunity that MAV gave me to participate in the NEWPRINT 2 program, Bellaqueo as collective is growing, and personally I am able to step up as producer in a male dominated industry and to expand my vision of creating events for Latinx immigrants (artists and assistants) across the diaspora and also for everyone attracted to our beautiful and rich culture” - Mai

Mai’s vision is to grow the collective and support Latinx artists, photographers, videographers, dancers, djs and so on, around Australia and show the world her rich heritage through music.

Photo supplied by creative