Image credit: Mindy Meng Wang. Photo by Panzi Studio.

Mindy Meng Wang

Composer and Guzheng Performing Artist

Mindy Meng Wang is an internationally renowned versatile Chinese/Australian Composer and Guzheng Performing Artist. She was born and classical trained in China, studied western musicology in UK and then migrated to Australia. She is a pioneer to bring Guzheng (2500 years old Chinese Harp) into many western genres such as experimental, Jazz, western classical, Electronic and improvisation. She has collaborated with many high-profile artists and frequently performed in many significant festivals, shows and venues in Australia, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and France.

Her work explores the fertile space between traditional and contemporary practices my long term vision is to creates a strong voice for young female composers/artist of Chinese heritage, and more importantly, create a deeper and reciprocal musical connection between Australia and China.