Image courtesy the creatives.

Mr. Congo

Poet, Artist and DJ

Mr. Congo is a poet/artist and DJ, his eclectic style of music and art fuses history and culture.  His sound is a mixture of old blues and jazz with a modern hip-hop twist.   Congo’s influences musically are Prince, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, Outkast, and multi-genre styles.  All different sounds, but difference is what separates him from the rest. Mr. Congo has worked privately for the last few years and is secretive and selective about the gigs he performs at. He has Dj’d and MC’d for local and international acts including Usher OMG 2011 tour and Tyga at the Palace Theatre.  Mr. Congo is local to Melbourne and hopes to expand his repertoire in the fashion and art scene. 

He hosts the monthly talent event, “Our Beat” located at the historic Drum Theatre in Dandenong and is linked in with a wide array of artists, producers and acts across Australia.  Mr. Congo is one to watch!

Photo courtesy Flying Arts Studios.