Illustration by Karena Bravo

Muzhgan Qazikhil

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

“I love Shepparton Culture Kitchen program because it encourages female refugees to share their foods from their own cultures. It’s a great program it brings us women together and we talk about families, great memories of our childhood and an opportunity to share our stories.”

Muzhgan and her family arrived in Australia in 2009 from Kabul and her father moved their family to Shepparton at the end of 2010. She loves the multiculturalism of Shepparton and the quiet it provides away from busy city life. Muzhgan loves that in Shepparton you see nature everywhere you go, instead of big buildings. Her favourite place in Shepparton is the Lake, which she believes is the best place for exercising!

Muzhgan Qazikhil. Image courtesy of Shepparton Culture Kitchen.