Image credit: Drop by Nakarin Jaikla

Nakarin Jaikla

Dancer, Visual Artist

Nakarin Jaikla was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He learned arts and craft in Northern Thai style from his grandmother who always brought him around when there were community events or ceremonies in the village. It became apparent that the appreciation of cultural traditions and arts was in his blood. In 2004, he graduated from a Bachelor’s degree with Second Class Honor from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University. It was a great journey for him to absorb the Thai-Lanna art and culture into his soul. At the same time, he worked as a dance teacher and a performer in various productions in Thailand.

In 2006, Nakarin moved to Melbourne to further his qualifications and his career in dance teaching and performing arts. He founded SILP Productions Inc. in 2012 to promote Thai Arts-Culture and produce cultural and contemporary productions. His works have been performed locally in Melbourne, across Australia and overseas, such as Fringe-Festival 2014, MapFest-2014 in Malaka, Malaysia, Mapping-Melbourne 2013-2018.

In 2017, Nakarin began to develop and produce video art and installation art. His work has been featured in the 13th-14th International Visual Art Workshop and Exhibition 2017-2018 Thailand, Tasmanian International Video Art Festival 2018, Un-Thaid Group-Exhibition 2019-Melbourne.

Image credit: Nakarin Jaikla. Drop. Photo by Bhavin Mettanant.