Visual Identity by Mimi Leung

Paw Kyi Pai and Mu Moo

Founders, Pawmosha

Pawmosha was founded by Paw Kyi Pai and Mu Moo to reenergise the practice of traditional Karen hand-weaving in Bendigo.

Using a traditional backstrap floor loom, the group creates wraps, bags, and scarves, as well as Karen clothing. They also host regular workshops with both the Karen and broader communities to teach these skills and to pass on this important traditional knowledge on to the next generation.

Pawmosha Weavers have exhibited at Dudley House and the La Trobe University Art Institute. They have also hosted workshops at the Karen Language School, Bendigo Pottery and the Bendigo Easter Festival. You can find their wares at the Cultural Exchange Beehive in Bendigo.

Image courtesy the creative.