NEWPRINT Visual Identity by Karena Bravo


Rapper, Songwriter, Composer and Producer

Aćol Agaar Apollo, better known by the stage name POOKIE, is a South Sudanese rapper, songwriter, composer and producer who was born in Nairobi, Kenya. At age seven, her family migrated to Australia where she was introduced to the works of Missy Elliot and the world of Hip-Hop music at large. POOKIE’s art and music have become dynamic displays of her South Sudanese roots, with many of her pieces celebrating her Dinka culture and heritage.

POOKIE not only employs her art as a means of self-expression, but uses it as a medium to bridge the gap between her experiences as a Black African woman growing up in Australia as part of the subjugated South Sudanese Australian diaspora. For several years, POOKIE has exhibited her art, organised and curated events for empowering Black femme creatives, and performed her spoken word poetry. In 2019, she formed a five-piece band. With a wave of authentic Afro-Jazz and Hip-Hop melodies, she quickly made an artistic impact in Melbourne’s music scene and in performances across Australia.

Photo courtesy the artist