“Amanyi” (translates directly to “power” from Luganda) by Ree, from Submerged 2021.


Digital Designer

Quynnn is a digital designer who is passionate about cultures, gender equality and women empowerment.

Quynh Nguyen. Photo courtesy the artist.


Reverberation by Quynnn


Reverberation is a series of digital illustrations representing the complex emotions and inner conversations young people of colour are having during the pandemic. "I explored new techniques using high contrast colours with organic, curvy lines to create visual patterns and form the human silhouette. These wavy lines symbolise the reverberation of self-expression to the outer world. Inner thoughts and self reflections are illustrated through the eyes inside. These illustrations show how young people carried themselves differently through the pandemic world while navigating their own identity journey."

Jiānchí by Sarah Tan


Jiānchí is an immersive experience telling a story about an immigrant’s perseverance using Augmented Reality (AR). "As background, I came to Australia in 2015 with the hopes of a better future. Throughout my time here, I’ve seen many Asian immigrants being discriminated, stereotyped, and facing many obstacles to achieve their dreams in Australia. However, most immigrants have shown a great deal of patience, purpose and perseverance to overcome all odds against them. The beauty of using AR as the medium to convey my art is due to its immersive and expansive nature, allowing the audience to be in an immigrant’s shoes, navigating through the imaginary boundaries and obstacles set up in front of them, while seeing others breeze through effortlessly to arrive at the same destination in the end." Jiānchí encourages the audience to see Asian immigrants beyond pre-conceived stereotypes, celebrating their diverse background and utmost resilience in pursuing a better future for themselves. The word Jiānchí comes from the Chinese pronunciation of 坚持, which means persevere.