Inti Raymi / We Tripantu. Artwork by Sesak Dada

Rodrigo Gallardo

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer

Rodrigo Gallardo is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Chile. He began his journey in music from an early age, next to the charango and the zampoña.

His career includes being one of the founders of the Matanza group, with whom he developed - for almost ten years - compositions loaded with influences from folklore and electronics. It has several published record productions, which are part of the global organic electronics movement, where collaborations are born with different brothers and colleagues along the route.

The origin of its sonority is in the Andean and Latin American-rooted music, impregnated with the modernity of the samples, electronic beats and deep bass capable of commanding this trip through the song, the reeds, charangos and guitars, along with lyrics that seek collective consciousness and ancestral connection.