Illustration by Karena Bravo


Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Rusminiwati came to Australia in 2011 from Jakarta Indonesia and moved to Shepparton in March 2019. Initially moving to Shepparton to be close to friends, she has now built friendships within her neighbourhood, which inspires her to be involved in her local community through joining a range of community hubs. The beauty of the lakes and farm like landscape is what Rusminiwati enjoys most about Shepparton and the friendly community she has built.  

 After joining the Hub community, Rusminiwati has learned a lot from various cultures from all over the world and considers herself lucky to be within their midst. In her opinion, the Shepparton Culture Kitchen is amazing for mothers like herself, who enjoy cooking and cooking with others. Rusminiwati is grateful to join the Shepparton Culture Kitchen and being able to enjoy great food!

Rusminiwati. Image courtesy of Shepparton Culture Kitchen.