Photo by Deshani Berhardt (Wild Hardt).

Sara Zakaria

Flemington Sister

“My name is Sara Zakaria. Home is in Sudan and now, Australia since 2004. When my son was born in 2006 I made Australia my permanent home.

I look after my son, take him to school and soccer and keep busy with my friends. I work in Moonee Valley cooking my sweets and different kinds of foods.

I became part of this project because I wanted to share my cooking, especially my sweets, which everyone likes.

The lockdown was very bad for me, just sitting at home and I couldn’t go out. Talking with my friends and family on the phone helped me get through that time.

I’m here to help people with food, sweets and cooking anytime!”

If anyone wants to place an order or make an enquiry, please call Sara at 0435 852 798.

Photo by Deshani Berhardt (Wild Hardt).