Illustration by Karena Bravo.

Shaza Alsmail

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Shaza came to Australia with the support of the United Nations and has called Shepparton home ever since. She is grateful for the easy lifestyle of Shepparton and the rich diversity the city offers. Growing up in a big family, Shaza learnt how to cook from her mother and sometimes from her father, grandma and aunties. When cooking she loves to create dishes the look nice, smell delicious and are tasty! She is passionate about practising good hygiene when cooking, and to make sure that meat is cooked very well. Eating together and having fun is equally important when cooking to Shaza and Shepparton Culture Kitchen has opened her eyes to new cultural dishes and many new friends. 

It is difficult to find the all the traditional ingredients and tools for Shaza’s recipes, but she hopes to continue cooking her delicious dishes for her community in Shepparton.

Shaza Alsmail. Image courtesy of Shepparton Culture Kitchen