Visual Identity by Mimi Leung

Shukria Kheradyar

Painter and Illustrator

As a self-taught painter and illustrator, Shukria Kheradyar uses her practice to express her creative and cultural identity. Limited hand mobility led her to explore painting as an alternative to Afghan hand stitching and since 2018, she has developed her skills through photographic references and watching online videos.

Resonating with the work of Rubaba Muhammedi, a partially paralysed young Afghan artist, Shukria seeks to suffuse meaning into her practice. She is currently working on a series of paintings that depict the atrocities currently being experienced in Afghanistan, with plans to exhibit and sell these pieces in support of the Hazara community.

Shukria has previously exhibited at EmergeD and illustrated a City of Greater Bendigo Against Family Violence brochure. She currently exhibits at the Cultural Exchange Beehive in Bendigo.

Artwork by Shukria Kheradyar