Illustration by Karena Bravo.

Sibel Kaymak

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Sibel immigrated to Australia in 2000 with her husband and choose to live in Shepparton to be near family and the work conditions suited their needs. She has called Shepparton home ever since and has grown a bond with her community that leads her to stay. She loves Shepparton for its vibrant community, spacious housing and lots of greenery. Growing up, Sibel helped her father with his is restaurant and the more she helped the more she was able to learn how to cook. Today, she enjoys cooking traditional Turkish cuisine such as Turkish rice with beans and deserts such as baklava.  

 Food is more than a source of nutrition for Sibel. For her it brings together families, communities and has the ability to create many memories. She loves to test and taste recipes from many cultures and blends them together into her own recipes. She hopes to showcase the delicious recipes she has developed over time by opening her own business in future.  

 For Sibel, the Shepparton Culture Kitchen unities people and brings people together to share food. She is driven to make food for others and her community, to bring happiness to people’s faces whenever they are enjoying her food.

Sibel Kaymak. Image courtesy of Shepparton Culture Kitchen.