Image credit: Stefan Berhardt

Stefan Berhardt

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Stefan Berhardt started out as a Graphic designer in Sri Lanka 15 years ago, and has worked in brand development, print, web and UX design.

After having migrated to Australia, he began exploring the art of photography since 2017 and hasn’t put down the camera since. Whilst it was initially a hobby, he soon began photographing events, festivals and now weddings together with his wife, as a team – Wild Hardt. His passion for photography has led him to making it part of his full-time career, and he currently works as a Product Photographer for Slimline (POS, retail, & exhibition displays).

His personal style of photography is raw and more documentary style. Stefan is obsessed with light and shadow in photography, and it excites him to use light to push boundaries of traditional photography and create interesting compositions.

Image credit: Stefan Berhardt. Photo by Wild Hardt.