Image: Still from UpClose 2021

Stefania Serna


Stefania Serna is a Melbourne-based singer/songwriter. Born and raised in Colombia, she starting singing at the age of 7 years old when she was selected by the Universidad del Valle to be part of their young talent program. After 5 years of professional training as a young singer under the direction of professor Edgar Triana, she was soon invited to perform as backup singer for International touring in Cali. This experience gave her inspiration and led her to search her own aspirations as solo artists and writing her own music.

Drawing on traditional Caribbean rhythms of her Colombian roots, she uses urban influences to create a fresh contemporary sound. Since moving to Australia in 2013, Stefania has become one of the most popular Latin female leader singers in Australia and founder of various female led Latin American groups such as Queen of Hearts (all female Mariachi group) and Calle Luna. She has performed as a backup singer for major artists, such as Grammy Award winning Mayito Rivera and many more.

Stefania’s songs talk about personal and intimate stories, which connect with womanhood and the challenges that an immigrant female had to endure during times of isolation with or without the pandemic.

Her music is a refreshing take on Salsa, Cumbia and Bolero; Integrating all this Latin American traditions with contemporary Australian music that has influence her in all this time living in Melbourne.

Image: Still from UpClose 2021