Image credit: Painting by Supansa Thongsuk (Nicky)

Supansa Thongsuk (Nicky)

Visual Artist

Supansa Thongsuk (Nicky) is a native of Thailand. She produces realistic paintings, and mostly, her creative work includes drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

She graduated and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chiangmai University, Thailand and has been living in Australia for 3 years.

However, Supansa (Nicky) has been continuing to improve her technical ability and the craftsmanship of her artworks.

In 2017, she joined The Blender Studios, one of the oldest art studios in Melbourne. Since then, she has painted many murals and public artworks around Australia with the latest project created on a 44m. tall water tower in western Queensland.

Image credit: Supansa (Nicky). Photograph by Bow Booraya.