Ali Dirri by Taga Barrio

Taga Barrio

Multidisciplinary Artist

Taga Barrio (Larra Juab) is a queer Filipino immigrant, multidisciplinary artist that has been residing and creating work in the land of the Kulin Nation for 11 years. As an immigrant, they have found solace and a feeling of belonging here in the SE Suburbs of Naarm (Melbourne) and is continually working hard to create, and discuss topics such as; Identity, Belonging, Post-colonialism and Community through the use of arts through different forms and mediums.

Taga Barrio shares their experiences and point of views through storytelling by the use of painting, sculpture, mixed media, photography, printing and spoken word poetry. They make sure to always incorporate their heritage and language through these works.

GIRL, part of Las Tres Marias photo series by Taga Barrio