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Singer, Songwriter and Dancer

Tèbir is a unique Melbourne-based singer, songwriter, and dancer who fuses together African soul and neo-funk genres to create striking music and live performance art. His passion for music was shaped by his parents’ Sudanese heritage and musical culture, and from a young age Tèbir absorbed the musical influence of many soul, funk, and R&B artists including Anthony Hamilton, Michael Jackson, John Legend and T-Pain.

Tebir weaves his distinctively sultry and smouldering voice with a command of rhythm, rap, and unique lyrics to create songs which range from the intimate to the powerful, combining expressive solos and explosive climaxes. The artful combination of vocal and instrumental performance produces a vivid, vibrant, unique musical experience of soul-infused, neo-funk and R&B music.

Photo by Alain Pottier.