Crescendo at Baby Snakes

Titan Debirioun

Social Justice Advocate and Recording Artist

Titan Debirioun is a South Sudanese social justice advocate and recording artist from Melbourne's outer western region, dedicated to continuing the exploration of art as a means of protest - he's become a champion for change, adamant on advancing the weight of minority voices by becoming a voice himself.

Photo courtesy the artist


Past event

Off The Grid

Tue 15 Oct 2019 - Tue 26 Nov 2019

Off The Grid s a new music mentoring program designed by Melbourne based creative, Titan Debirioun, with Multicultural Arts Victoria, to address the massive gaps in infrastructure and accessibility in regards to music production and recording spaces for young people in Melbourne’s outer west Wyndham region. The program will deliver 6 free quality recording sessions and music composition workshops for emerging artists, guided by experienced Melbourne producer and engineer, Simba Andrews and creative mentors, Pookie, Rockstar Bola and Devarn Kiir. Participants will have an opportunity to upskill themselves in a culturally safe environment that also serves as a drop in centre for local creatives. All aspiring young artists in Melbourne’s outer west, are invited to drop in, record music, work on their writing ability or just relax and network with other creatives from their local area. Project coordinator, Titan Debirioun says, “We need more spaces in the outer West where kids can be creative and actually get the assistance they need to grow as artists. Everyone isn’t interested in the same things, and if we want to really help kids set up their futures, we have to build all the necessary spaces and pathways to assist them.” The project has been developed and produced as part of MAV’s Emerge Cultural Leadership program which supports the vision and aspirations of artists from newly arrived and emerging communities around Victoria.

Past event


Sat 9 Jul 2022

Do you miss LIVE Hip-Hop? Do you want to support local and established Melbourne artists? Then get ready for NEWPRINT Out West! A well-curated celebration of some of our city's dopest musical talents at 6pm, Sat 9 July at the Wyndham Cultural Centre. We explore Melbourne's recent music history by creating a timeline of acts from the last four years to NOW featuring acts such as 3K, Halo Vocal Ensemble, Soli, Jordan Dennis & ThatKidMaz and many more artists!

Past event


Sat 29 Apr 2023

A crescendo is defined as “the loudest point reached in a gradually increasing sound". Melbourne’s underground music industry has slowly inched its way towards that very special peak or moment, where the world can no longer turn a deaf ear to the immense amount of talent blooming in our backyards.