Srirachi Safari: Welcome To The Jungle. Artwork by PicassaGrillz.



Waki offers a breath of fresh air; using his narrative-led lyrical style to convey introspective and complex undertones under the guise of Rap/R&B/ Trap- Soul music.

Initially releasing a short EP in 2020 focussing on his cultural roots, he released a further 3 tracks in 2021 finding his own sound and doubling down on his own interpretation of the Trap- soul genre.

His best performing track “Tripping on Love” showcases his ability to be versatile in his musical scope. Forever honing his craft Waki unites genres seamlessly traversing the fine line between RAP and R&B, banking on his innate ability to create stories in the minds of his listeners.

Photograph: Ashlyn Matisse