We Move Productions present Red Door: Block Party! Artwork by Diederich Hettig

We Move Productions


Co-Founded by Damon “Nomad” Paraha, Diederich Hettig & Chad Fury, We Move Productions is a media company for creatives by creatives.

Our mission is to promote freedom in artistic expression through all creative mediums including music, visual art, apparel and more. We want to be known as a hub for creatives to develop their skills by assisting them in producing high quality content and push their art out to the world through all modern and future platforms. Our vision is to become a brand synonymous with Melbourne’s growing creative community. Eventually, we hope to be known internationally as one of the top production houses of Naarm.

We want to showcase “Burn City’s” incredible, diverse roster of talent by putting them in front of their target audiences in every way we know how and essentially be the one stop shop for all creative needs. Whether it’s helping artists to create their content (e.g. Music Releases, Music Videos, Podcasts, Documentaries etc.) or building a presence on existing platforms (YouTube, Twitch, Spotify etc.) to get the content in front of the right people, we want to be the people supporting it.

Our values lie in cultivating creativity, encouraging inclusivity and promoting safe/ethical practice. Our slogan has been “together we move” from the beginning, which is meant to emphasise the value in community and building one another up so we all thrive. That is the culture that we aim to share in all we do.

Image courtesy of creatives