Illustration by Karena Bravo.

Ying Zhou

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Shepparton Culture Kitchen 让我更了解我的中国饮食文化和传统。 我很骄傲地感受到了中国传统饮食文化的独特性。(Shepparton Culture Kitchen helped me understand more about my culture, tradition and cooking, I am proud of the uniqueness of traditional Chinese food culture.) 

Ying came to Australia to complete her studies in a Master of Environmental Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management. After graduating, she moved to Shepparton to gain work experience but fell in love with the countryside lifestyle, the good environment and friendly neighbourhood. Living close to nature calms Ying and her favourite thing about living in Shepparton is the close-knit community that makes her feel at home.  

During the Chinese New Year, Ying learned to cook from her mum and grandmas and from watching them make dishes. During the last 3 years, she has expanded her cooking knowledge and skills through learning to cook online through YouTube. The practice of boiling, steaming and pan frying is used a lot in Chinese cooking to remove toxins and bad bacteria and Ying implements this in her own cooking, and ensures everything is cooked thoroughly. She enjoys using fresh vegetables, fruits and meats for her family and makes sure they stay fresh and are eaten quickly.  

Despite the challenges of being busy and her daughter’s picky palate, with the help of Shepparton Culture Kitchen, Ying has introduced her family to try new foods. Through Shepparton Culture Kitchen she has grown to enjoy and get more involved in multicultural community service.

Ying Zhou. Image courtesy of Shepparton Culture Kitchen.