Visual Identity by Karena Bravo.

Yusniza Yusoff

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Yusniza immigrated to Australia over seven years ago to work on a dairy farm, choosing to live in Shepparton for the English language support it offered for her young children when they first arrived. She loves Shepparton for its range of op shops and Asian groceries which she often takes advantage of to find ingredients for her home-cooking as well as beautiful fascinators to accessorise with. As the eldest child growing up in a small rural village in Malaysia, Yusniza would always help her mother in the kitchen. From washing up to chopping onions, she learned to cook all of her siblings’ favourite dishes such as nasi ayam (chicken rice), and much more.

Food is not only central to her life and family but it is a part of how Yusniza expresses her colourful, lively personality. Cooking for her family, friends, and community is how she shows her love for them. For Yusniza, healthy food is made with love to celebrate life, show gratitude, and build relationships. She enjoys the company of those around her, sharing food and stories to foster connections and spread happiness.

Yusniza has a wealth of cooking experience and loves to learn and create new dishes, often inviting friends to cook different types of food for her and discussing recipes with them. Her community-minded attitude drives her to participate in many events and festivals, where she volunteers to cook things like her ever-popular curry puffs.

Yusniza Yusoff. Photo by Mellisa Silaga.