Image credit: Zelalem Negatu. Courtesy the artist

Zelalem Negatu


Ethiopian born contemporary jazz musician Zelalem Negatu came to Australia in September 2013 and has since established himself in Australia with Reggage and Ethiopian Jazz bands including Nhatty Man, JAzmaris, Lalibelas, JahKnow and Rasta Unity. Zelalem started playing music at an early age and graduated from the “Teferi Mekonin College, Art Department” in Ethiopia. He performed with numerous top bands in Ethiopia including Zemen Band, Mehari Brothers Band, Yeha Band, 251 Band, Meleket Jazz Band and Nhatty Man, who he has continued to collaborate with in Australia.

He is a consummate drummer and has also developed his talents with composition and production of music that bring traditional Ethiopian scales and rhythms together with jazz and reggae influences.

In his 8 years in Australia he has performed extensively on national and international music festival circuits including stages such as WOMADelaide, MONA FOMA, Arts Centre Melbourne, Port Fairy Folk Festival and Melbourne International Jazz Festival to name a few.

Image credit: Zelalem Negatu. Courtesy the artist