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Sat, 29 Apr 2023 10:00 am


Baby Snakes Bar

30 Chambers Street

Footscray VIC 3011


Ticketing link TBC


A crescendo is defined as “the loudest point reached in a gradually increasing sound"

Melbourne’s underground music industry has slowly inched its way towards that very special peak or moment, where the world can no longer turn a deaf ear to the immense amount of talent blooming in our backyards.

"Crescendo is my attempt at cultivating a night that celebrates some of that talent whilst tastefully adding to that collective noise, all in the heart of one of my favourite suburbs, Footscray." - Titan Dibirioun, producer.

Crescendo is produced by Titan Dibirioun and is presented as part of MAV's NEWPRINT 2 program, supported by On The Road Again, a Victorian Government initiative to bring live music back across the state, and Australia Council for the Arts.