Featured image: Yumi Umiumare. Photo by Vikk Shayen.

Forbidden Laughter | Mapping Melbourne Community Day

Sat, 30 Nov 2019 3:00 am


Testing Grounds
1 City Rd, Southbank
Wheelchair accessible venue.


Free event


Event accessibility
Wheelchair Access

The original inspiration of the work Forbidden Laughter came from the Japanese verb for ‘laughter’: wareru 割れる- meaning to break, crack or split and multiple images, body movements and narratives were already created through the focal point of ‘laughing’. These surreal narratives have been woven between the short works, through a mixture of the sacred and the carnal, the earthly and the divine, the contemporary and the mythical.

Butoh was originally called Ankoku Butoh, meaning dance of darkness, but Yumi is renowned for fusing a sense of humour into the surreal and dark dance movements, and this performance is combined with the intricate and exciting visual work of Pimpisa.

Forbidden Laughter is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019.

Event accessibility
Wheelchair Access