Kwabo Africa Day Party

Sun, 28 May 2023 3:00 am Book


Arts Centre Melbourne Forecourt*


Free. Booking Required.


Celebrate Africa Day with music, dance and good vibes.

Kwabo means welcome in Gracieuse's mother tongue, thus Kwabo Events invites individuals from all walks of life, cultural backgrounds, experience, skill levels to the party.

Kwabo Africa Day Party is a jam-packed afternoon of live music featuring DJs, free Afrodance workshops led by hyper Gracieuse Amah aka Kwabo_Grace and, dance performances by Kwabo Events and friends including Kwabo-Passion Crew, Melbourne Afrodance Crew, and the duo Ama & Mael. If you have been wanting to dive into African culture and have an authentic experience, this is the place to be on Sunday 28th of May.

Africa International Day is a celebration that unites people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nations in honouring the rich tapestry of African heritage. It serves as a platform to promote understanding, unity, and appreciation for the contributions made by the African continent to our shared world.

This remarkable event brings together individuals, organisations, and communities to showcase the vibrant cultures, arts, music, and traditions of Africa. It serves as a catalyst for fostering dialogue, bridging gaps, and cultivating meaningful connections between people across borders.

Kwabo Africa Day Party is supported by MAV.