Featured images (l-r): Life Happening by dangerlam. Yumi Umiumare. Photo by Vikk Shayen. P7:1SMA. Photo by Joseph Nair.

Mapping Melbourne 2019: Community Day

Sat, 30 Nov 2019 2:00 am


Testing Grounds
1 City Rd, Southbank
Wheelchair accessible venue.


Free event


Event accessibility
Wheelchair Access

Comic Sans Workshop

The Comic Sans series considers drawing to be a mode of enquiry; a new way of thinking; a literary art form. These comics stretch from a few amusing thoughts, to quiet moments, to deep dives into the most intimate, devastating relationships.

Curated by Rachel Ang and Leah Jing,** Comic Sans** is a serialised Australian comics anthology published by LIMINAL. This exhibition features work from the series, by dangerlamHumyara MahbubIssey FujishimaLee LaiMatt HuynhMeg O’SheaRachel Angurbigfrog, and more.

Comic Drawing Workshop

To celebrate the launch of the Comic Sans Exhibition come along and join our interactive comic drawing workshop.

Facilitated by the amazing comic artist, Kim Lam (dangerlam), the workshop will create a fun and inclusive environment for self-expression and discussion.

Learn, play and experiment with comic art, which is about drawing one image after another to tell a story, or say a little message. Bring along your sketch book and pens (there will be basic materials provided) and join the creativity circle—no drawing or comic experience necessary!

1pm – 3pm

Forbidden Laughter

A collaborative work between Japanese/Australian performance artist Yumi Umiumare and Thai/Australian installation artist Pimpisa TinpalitForbidden Laughter is created as a mobile Butoh performance installation, an extension of their previous work in ButohOUT!2019. Several pop-up performances with a surreal sense of humour will occur onsite with performers dancing and interacting as a moving installation.

The original inspiration of the work Forbidden Laughter came from the Japanese verb for ‘laughter’: wareru 割れる- meaning to break, crack or split and multiple images, body movements and narratives were already created through the focal point of ‘laughing’. These surreal narratives have been woven between the short works, through a mixture of the sacred and the carnal, the earthly and the divine, the contemporary and the mythical.

Butoh was originally called Ankoku Butoh, meaning dance of darkness, but Yumi is renowned for fusing a sense of humour into the surreal and dark dance movements, and this performance is combined with the intricate and exciting visual work of Pimpisa.

2pm – 3pm


BELON is a dance performance by contemporary dance company P7:1SMA (pronounced: Prisma) from Singapore which explores the equilibrium between traditional conventions and the contemporary. The work seeks to occupy and engage the space of the in between and is embodied by the belon (Malay for balloon). The performance inhabits ambiguous, paradoxical, playful and disruptive states of in-betweenness, as a metaphor for multiplicities.

P7:1SMA invites everyone to exist in this state of in-betweenness with them. Drawn into mystery and wonderment of grey voids in life, they create shared experiences that uses the power of dance to question belief systems and life’s balance. Their collective hope is to uplift the wisdom and worldview of Malay philosophy to the international stage.
This exclusive performance for Mapping Melbourne will be the Australian premier of the work.

P7:1SMA are:
Performers: Syimah Sabtu, Ismail Jemaah, Hasyimah Harith, Muhd Sharul Mohd
Artistic Director and Choreographer: Norhaizad Adam
Company Manager: Hasyimah Harith
Creative & Marketing: Md. Hariz Bakri
Project Manager: Sarah Goh and Nur Hazwany Mohd Razali
Stage Manager: Othman M. Yusof
Sound Designer: Ridwan Ramli

3pm – 3.45pm

The Community Day is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019.

Event accessibility
Wheelchair Access