Visual Identity by Karena Bravo and Titan Debirioun


Sun, 20 Mar 2022 6:00 am Book


Wyndham Cultural Centre
177 Watton Street
Werribee VIC 3030




HUES, a music seminar dedicated to the future of our industry, with a focus on networking and discussions about pathways towards a stronger scene.

The different diasporas beginning to enter our music industry provide new and exciting narratives, expressions and views into cultural nuances that should be celebrated and discussed, HUES is a night dedicated to that exploration with performances from NiashaCD and Jaal as well as a panel discussion with Saeed {Picked Last}, Moey {Picked Last} Matthew Craig {AU$} and J Nelly {66 Records}.

The panel discussion looks at the state of our current music industry from the lens of young and diverse creatives whilst celebrating some of the trailblazers leading the way for Melbourne’s music industry renovation.

The panel will address questions about the issues and limitations in our current arena, as well as look at what the future could and should look like before opening the floor to questions from the crowd.

The night will have a particular focus on networking between attendees with an hour being dedicated to fostering business relationships.