Rewa Unseen | Sangam 2019

Sat, 23 Nov 2019 8:00 am


50 Princes St
Carlton North VIC 3054


$25 Full | $20 Concession
(Purchase of this ticket will allow free entry to Perai Gatherings on 23 November)


Masoom Parmar‘s work “Aaj Ke Naam” looks at queering religious symbology embedded in the Bharata Natyam form to ask powerful questions about marginality and belonging from an Islamic perspective. Using songs of the Muslim poet Kabir and intertwining multiple theological systems of thought that form his own identity, Parmar offers a question from the margins about living and performing in India today as a queer, hybrid Muslim/Zoroastrian performing Hindu texts.

Devika Bilimoria is an award-winning visual artist and dancer who has learnt the steps of Alarippu, a succinct Bharat Natyam dance, entirely in reverse. “ALAKKALA: the promise of a-dance,” is a fragmented live-body and video performance which offers an alternate experience of Bharata Natyam through audio-visual repetition and time manipulation. It enlists reversal as a device to reorient in an attempt to reach the command, labour and haunting of encoded dance forms.

Performing Artists: Masoom Parmar, Devika Bilimoria

Tech Support: Nisha Leena Roy

Festival Curators: Priya Srinivasan, Uthra Vijay and Hari Sivanesan