Image courtesy the creative.

Uprock! | In Situ

Sat, 21 May 2022 5:00 am


Checkered Floor,
Corner of Lonsdale St and Langhorne St,
Dandenong, VIC, 3175




Uprock (or more commonly known as Rocking/Rock Dance Et al.) is a dance that hails from various Boroughs of New York. Uprock is a competitive Battle Dance that uses movements like the jerk and gestures called burns in a sophisticated rhythmic game of Rock, Scissor, Paper. It can be argued that this dance is the precursor to modern-day hip-hop dances such as Breaking.

As Dance Battles in the modern era appear to be a form of Mock Fighting through non-contact and non-violent movements, come learn an original form of “Battling” from hip-hop culture’s roots.

Join us as Anthony Lawang (Lamaroc9) teaches us the basics of Rocking in the streets of Dandenong. Anthony is a Filipino-Australian dance artist that has been performing and actively curating workshops and events since 1998, is part of the Fresh Sox crew (5 time Australian b-boy Championships winners), Swiss hip-hop Culture Bearers the 7$ Crew and 1st generation (est. 1973) Hiphop crew the Mighty Zulu Kingz.

Resio, a Melbourne based contemporary artist, will perform live art to compliment the night, His works are a unique combination of styles inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting and the global visual and physical language of graffiti.

Followed by a jam session hosted by the Southeast Sessions.

Come get your groove on and watch some live art and dancing!