Image Credit: Courtesy the artist

Walau-Eh, Eat My Yeo Sh*t


Tue 17 Oct 2017 - Fri 25 Oct 2019


Schoolhouse Gallery Pole & Rig Space
Schoolhouse Studios,
81 Rupert St,


Free event


WALAU-EH, EAT MY YEOT SH*T is a new project that explores the lingering oppression of female sexuality in Korean family tradition. Deeply rooted in Confucianism, Korean families practiced oppression on females including widow suicide, concubinage, and abortion of female-child pregnancy.

The oppression still lingers to this day, reinforcing a gender dichotomy as well as diminishing female sexuality and individualism. Having lived in Korea and Singapore, Son utilises Singlish (Singaporean-English) slang and phonetically translated Korean in English sentences to create colourful expressions that criticize the lingering residues of the female oppression.

Son welcomes viewers to touch the banner and utilize these unique expressions into their everyday conversation.

This event is presented as part of Emerge in Yarra 2019.