Featured image: Weave. Photo by Mifumi Obata.

Wanna Be a Rabbit

Sun, 1 Dec 2019 2:00 am


Melbourne Museum
1 Nicholson Street
Carlton, Victoria 3052


Free event


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WMT is a disability led company, comprising a majority of performers with disability, creating bold, inclusive performance for 21 years. They challenge stereotypes about disability with original work that is thoughtful mayhem laced with comic mischief. Through dance, physical theatre, spoken word and physical humour this show unravels the human compulsion to categorise and distance difference and the blinkered attitudes that result. What are you? A wife, a worker, unemployed, disabled, a refugee, black/white, an Aussie oi oi, a rabbit? In the course of the show categories blur, assumptions crack open.

This work draws on Butoh’s playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments. Yumi’s characteristic surreal humour strikes a chord with the performers, whose experience as a marginalised, misunderstood group develops a sharp sense of the ridiculous and an ingenious, lateral take on life and art.

Directed and devised by Yumi Umiumare in collaboration with the WMT.

Wanna Be a Rabbit is presented as part of Mapping Melbourne 2019.

Event accessibility
Wheelchair Access