Image credit: Gracieuse Amah, TAKEBACK! 2021, photos by Deshani Berhardt

Announcing the Diasporas Commissions Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the 10 recipients of the Diasporas commissions who are ready to Disrupt, Ignite and Represent!

Diasporas is urgent work, answering the need for the critical gestures and rituals of deeply attached life, so long missed, so sorely needed. This is culture as challenge and cure in equal measure.

It is no platitude to say that every work offered for consideration had merit and passion — testimony to the depth and breadth of creative talent and ideas that reflect the majority world and the provocations of diaspora in contemporary Australia.

We were looking for work that stirred something: human, poignant, purposeful. Work that could be loud and soft, joyful and sorrowful, intellectual and embodied and then traverse the space between those binaries.

As a collective, it was exciting and exacting to test the process of selection and curation — what has emerged is a potent reminder that art, politics, history and the future remain in constant dialogue.
– Eleanor Jackson, Diasporas Advisory Panel Member

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We were overwhelmed with incredible applications for Diasporas and we are sad that we couldn’t fund them all. We are looking forward to working with all applicants in our workshop program, to be announced soon.