APACA Conference: Info from Multicultural Arts Victoria, NEXUS & BEMAC

Ignite your imagination on the diverse possibilities and potential for your programming and audience engagement strategies with Multicultural Arts Victoria alongside Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre and Nexus on Monday 17 August, 4.20pm-4.50pm at APACA MOBILISE (Sydney, 17-20 August).

Multicultural Arts Victoria are proud to support the following showcases: Dave Arden & In Between Sounds, successful applicants in Regional Arts Victoria’s peer-review Showcase Victoria panel, and the internationally acclaimed Urat Jagat powerful multilingual immersive theatre work with literary cult figure Godi Suwarna:


David Arden has the sweetest rhythms and he has a perfect ear for melodies on the guitar. His use of dynamics is simply brilliant. I believe he is one of the nest vocalist & songwriters in the world & one of the nest guitarists you will ever hear, he treats not only his own music with incredible respect, but other peoples’ music too and it shows.’ Its time David was recognized for his musical genius. – Archie Roach.

His show was a valuable and meaningful addition to the 2014 Program at Footscray Community Arts Centre. Dave played through a carefully thought out set of his most loved songs, accompanied by some of the highest calibre of musicians in Melbourne. Dave strikes a balance between consummate technicality and exquisite story telling. It is a show not to be missed. – Lydia Fairhall, Creative Producer, Footscray Community Arts Centre.

The Dave Arden Gundjitmara/Kokatha, Songman & Storyteller Show is a full band and performance of 12 original songs and stories. The show takes the audience on a journey into his two countries, of the Gunditjmara & the Kokatha tribes, telling his story of his family’s journey over four generations, delving into the hope, joy and struggle of his tribal and urban life.

For further details, fees and technical specifications, download Dave Arden, Gunditjmara Kokatha, Songman & Storyteller.


In Between Sounds will surprise you, when modern hip hop lands in your lap as if delivered by a 60s beat poet… it will cause your heart to swell just so that it can contain the beauty and emotion of powerful storytelling about love, life and this land – Australia. – Liz Trevaskis, presenter ABC Darwin.

After a sold out premiere performance at the 2014 Darwin Festival and Mapping Melbourne 2014 festival, In Between 2 is ready to tour.

Experience potent and powerful hip hop from Chinese-Australian MC and spoken word artist Joelistics (aka Joel Ma of TZU) and Filipino-Dutch-Australian producer/songwriter James Mangohig of Sietta as they explore the sound-track of their mixed heritage. This is a re-imagined existing work built specifically for touring based on Joel and James’ personal history told with lots of humour.

The duo weave songs and stories which span the music of mixed race families, the songs of modern Australia and the politics of belonging.

For further details, fees and technical specifications, download In Between 2 – Joel Ma & James Mangohig.


Urat Jagat (Veins of the Universe) is a powerful multilingual vocal theatre performance based on a contemporary epic poem by Sundanese (West Javanese) literary cult figure Godi Suwarna, performed by Godi Suwarna himself with Australian and Indonesian performance collective Mainteater.

Performed in a chorus of sound and image, integrating English translation through sublime vocals, music and live looping, it expresses a concern for humanity and nature which crosses borders and linguistic boundaries.

Godi Suwarna is recognised as a reformer of contemporary literature in Indonesia, championing indigenous languages for their superior poetic potential and is a multiple award winning writer in his mother tongue Sundanese.

For further details and technical specifications, download Urat Jagat.